Each exercise comes with a PDF download and YouTube link for play-a-long videos for snare and tenor. PDF’s and YouTube links will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.

Advanced Exercise Bundle

This bundle includes the following exercises: Eighths, Sixteenths, Double Beat Split, Adj-adiddles, Sixteenth Note Dynamic Rolls 2017, Flamdemonium, Singles, Triplet Dynamic Rolls.

60.00 C$

Eighths by Michael Beauclerc

“Eighths” is the first exercise that an advanced exercise should begin each rehearsal with. The first section begins with isolated full strokes. This helps the drummers and staff focus on the technique of the stroke, and for the ensemble to work in metronomic awareness. It also includes double stops for snares and tenors. This section is repeated once, and then performers continue to the second section where the focus switches to dynamic range, and consist sound quality throughout.

10.00 C$

Sixteenths by Michael Beauclerc

“Sixteenths” is the second exercise in our advanced series. We use a steady sixteenth note rhythm to practice double, triple and quadruple strokes. The bass drums play a more advanced melody while the snares and tenors are playing straight sixteenths. And then a simple pattern while the snares and tenors are playing more advanced ones. There is a nice hip-hop measure in the centre of the exercise to inject some fun and remind the drummers of the subconscious underlining groove. The final measure includes an eighth note triplet tenor rimshot (shanks) passage to add counter rhythm and more fun!

10.00 C$

Double Beat Split by Michael Beauclerc

“Double Beat Split” is a fun evolution of the original double beat varieties. In this one the snares and tenors are always split (playing different patterns at the same time). As part of the more advanced features of this version, it also includes quadruple and quintuple strokes often mixed with double stops and tenor crossovers.

10.00 C$

Ahj-adiddles by Michael Beauclerc

“Ahj-adiddles” is a fun exercise that incorporates the following types of paradiddles: single, double, triple, & paradiddle-diddles. The exercise begins with unison accent patterns and corresponding paradiddles. In measure 13, the accent pattern spilts between instruments for a fun polyrhythmic effect. Measure 25 introduces paradiddle-diddles to each instrument and finishes big with unison single stroke sixteenth notes.

10.00 C$

16th Note Double Strokes 2017 by Michael Beauclerc

The double stroke roll is a very important rudiment for contemporary drumlines, and practicing them in a sixteenth note structure is simpler for newer drummers to count and feel. The exercise can be used effectively as an audition piece for advanced ensembles at the beginning of their seasons, and as a weekly warm-up for other groups.

10.00 C$

Flamdemonium by Michael Beauclerc

Flamdemonium is a fun exercise focusing on the development of flams, flam rudiments, inverted flam rudiments, and hybrid rudiments. The first nine measures develop consecutive flams on each hand, ending with a bass feature. Subsequent measures include flam taps, stutters, chuchudas, fubars, flam accents, flam drags, and Beauclercs. A crescendo through alternating flams caps it all off in dramatic fashion.

10.00 C$

Singles by Chad Morford

“Singles” begins with snare and tenor unisons that isolate first the right, then the left hand using accent and tap patterns. The bass drums have a running rhythm with thirty-second note splits between drums one, two, and three. Following that is a unison rhythm with single stroke bursts, double stops, and a full measure of thirty-second notes with the bass line emphasizing the accent pattern to end.

10.00 C$

Triplet Dynamic Rolls by Michael Beauclerc

Dynamic rolls are double stroke rolls that crescendo or decrescendo. A common problem with developing drummers is uneven-sounding double stroke rolls, which occur when the right hand strokes are louder than the left. In this eighth note triplet exercise, the pulse passes from hand to hand with each beat, rather than be constantly on the right hand as it is with sixteenth notes. Practicing rolls in a triplet meter helps drummers smooth out the sound of their rolls.

10.00 C$